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CaribEx is an affordable and reliable import service which offers consolidation and shipping to Antigua, customs clearance and delivery to your door!

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The Victory Center

Victory Center is one of only two special needs schools in Antigua.


In order to meet the unique needs of our students we have adapted Antigua’s curriculum by approaching education in an innovative way and making Victory Center the first of its kind in the Caribbean.


We cater to students with all needs including but not limited to ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Down Syndrome, developmental delays both mentally and physically as well as children at risk.


Our small class sizes allow students to feel comfortable in the learning environment and gives teachers the ability to give the extra attention that our students need. We assess new students and place them in a group based on academic ability -not age. This gives all students a chance to learn important concepts and the opportunity to move up when they attain certain levels. We focus on giving our students tools to achieve things that come easily to others. We adapt our teaching style to suit their needs and strive to provide a safe and caring learning environment despite the limited resources available on the island.

Additional Programs We Offer


Music Therapy:  For children with special needs playing music is an effective way to stimulate speech development, communication skills, express emotions and hone in on natural talents.  


Swimming:  Water helps to support the weight of the body, which allows individuals with limited range of motion to bend, stretch, reach and move in ways that they may not be able to on land.

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Paperclips Antigua - Office, School & Art Supplies


Our extensive product offerings are available to both personal and corporate clients with a focus on becoming a premier provider for office supplies, printer inks and toners.


For the Office, we offer brands such as Mead, Hon, Universal, Sharpie, Crayola, Helix, Cross, and Pilot along with inks and toners from HP, Brother and Canon.


Document related services such as photocopying and binding are also available.


For the student, we offer a wide assortment school and art supplies to give your kids the edge in school. We also have filing supplies to help organize your home, office or school room.


At Paperclips, we’re working for you!



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Robert March Cycle Service and Repair.

Cycle Service, Repair and Accessories and very affordable prices.

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Hospitality Training Solutions & Management Services

Mission Statement

To enhance our clients' potential for PROFITABLE GROWTH through superior service training, industry inovations and quality consultation and management services.


Hospitality Training Solutions & Management Services is a full service Food & Beverage consulting firm located in Antigua West Indies. We specialize specifically in new restaurant openings including, but not limited to, Concept design, equipment and layout management, Wine and Beverage program development and management, and the implementation of bespoke training programs in the areas of Restaurant Front of House Service, Food Safety & Sanitation and Best Practice Implementation.

In addition we offer full consultation and interim management services along with a wide range of solutions specifically tailored to each individual client. We also specialize in Hospitality Event Management, specifically, event bar, beverage & food service functions.