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Department of Environment Antigua and Barbuda
Department of Environment Antigua and Barbuda
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Category: Environmental Management
Location: AG Antigua and Barbuda
Phone: Show Phone (268) 462-4625 /562-2568
Full address: Show Full address #1 Victoria Park Botanical Garden P.O.Box W693, St Johns, Antigua
Welcome to the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Health & Environment. This site is aimed at keeping you informed of the ongoing work and experiences of the Department. Here, on our website, anyone can learn about the vital environmental issues which affect the nation of Antigua and Barbuda and its people; issues which every resident of this twin island country has the right to know.
Mission and Goals of the Department of Environment.
The overall mission of the Department of Environment is to provide technical advice and implement projects and programs on behalf of the Government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. These projects are designed to protect and enhance the country's environment, as well as seek common solutions to national, regional and global environmental problems.
The accomplishment of the mission is to be achieved inter alia through:
•     An integrated environmental planning and management system established on a broad base of public participation and interagency collaboration.
•     Efficient implementation of appropriate programs and technical services.
•     Giving good council on environmental management as well as effective and consistent enforcement of environmental laws and regulations.
•     Provide the public with easily accessible information and technical assistance on environmental issues; Use of this Website.
The Department of Environment invites residents and friends of Antigua and Barbuda to discover our projects and plans for the nation and learn how our nation, private agencies and international partners have supported us in our mission. The Department further encourages visitors to this website to not just be informed but to let this be a stepping stone to GETTING INVOLVED.
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